Black Philanthropy Month

Black Philanthropy Month at IU

Recognized annually in August, Black Philanthropy Month is a global celebration of Black American gift-giving in the form of time, talent, and treasure.

Stories of the strength in giving to achieve common causes and to support families, friends, and religious institutions in the Black community are highlighted during this month to showcase the efforts of Black philanthropists to give in some of the most amazing ways. It is a fact that minority communities do not have the same level of disposable income as the majority. However, this fact has not and should not discourage Blacks from giving and being part of the support needed for positive impact.

Read the full story Black Philanthropy Month: Why Embrace It? by Joyce Q. Rogers, Executive Vice President for Development, IU Foundation.

It Begins With You

Calling all students and recent alums! Join a group of committed individuals shaping the future of IU.

The BPC aims to improve the recruitment, retention, and support of Black students by supporting scholarships, grants, education, research, programs, and career opportunities.

Together, we can help fulfill the promise of higher education for all students. It begins with you.

Joining the BPC as a student or recent alumni puts you in a front-row seat to learn more about formalized giving and philanthropic leadership and helps to build your network and connect with like-minded people who want to help support Black students at Indiana University.

  • Students – $25 annual commitment
  • Alumni - up to 2 years post-graduation annual graduated commitment in $100 increments ($100-$200) with year 3 participating at the $500 level.

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August Proclaimed Black Philanthropy Month in the State of Indiana

As part of its work to create more opportunities for Black communities, the Indiana University Black Philanthropy Circle requested and received a proclamation from Indiana Gov. Eric Holcomb, officially designating August as Black Philanthropy Month in Indiana. In honor of Black Philanthropy Month's official recognition, consider partnering with us in building tomorrow's leaders, enhancing research and academic engagement about identity-based giving practices, and fostering donor engagement.

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In July of 2020, Indiana State Governor Eric Holcomb proclaimed August as Black Philanthropy Month in the state of Indiana. The Proclamation reads:

  • Whereas, Dr. Jacqueline Bouvier Copeland of Pan-African Women's Philanthropy Network (PAWPNet) established the month of August as Black Philanthropy Month in 2011 with recognition by the United Nations as part of its Declaration of 2011 as the International Year for People of African Descent; and
  • Whereas, Black Philanthropy Month is an annual, global celebration of African-descent giving in all its forms; and
  • Whereas, the month-long observance invites all people to take August and beyond to promote the power of giving to transform lives; and
  • Black communities have vested reasons to celebrate and renew their rich, shared traditions of giving, self-help, and innovation throughout the U.S. and the world; and
  • Whereas, an extraordinary legacy of philanthropy and ongoing achievement in philanthropy merit a concerted effort to lift up important stories, spotlight good work, educate the generations and inspire giving; and
  • Whereas, understanding and generosity are instrumental to improving social, educational, economic, and health outcomes in Black communities,
  • Now, therefore, I, Eric Holcomb, Governor of the State of Indiana, do hereby proclaim the month of August 2020 as Black Philanthropy Month.
We are thrilled and believe it is especially important this year to demonstrate support and solidarity," said Valaida Fullwood, Black Philanthropy Month co-architect. "We hope that other states, cities, and corporations and organizations will follow Indiana's lead and join this important cause.

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I choose to rise up out of that storm and see that in moments of desperation, fear, and helplessness, each of us can be a rainbow of hope, doing what we can to extend ourselves in kindness and grace to one another. And I know for sure that there is no them - there's only us. I don't think you ever stop giving.

Oprah Winfrey

Black Philanthropy at Work

IU Foundation’s Black Philanthropy Circle Grants

The Black Philanthropy Circle (BPC) awarded funds in the circle’s inaugural grant cycle on Monday, June 20, 2022, totaling $51,300 to 11 projects affiliated with five IU campuses.

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Black Philanthropy Circle pledges $150,000

In February 2019, the IU Black Philanthropy Circle pledged $150,000 to the Mays Family Institute on Diverse Philanthropy. The goal has been met and the commitment to the Mays Institute will be fulfilled in the 2021 fiscal year.

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IU's Black Philanthropy Circle

Diverse philanthropy is one of the most powerful tools we have in supporting historically underserved communities. Indiana University's Black Philanthropy Circle, the first of its kind, is the perfect reflection of this spirit. By gathering a group of passionate individuals from across IU, the Black Philanthropy Circle is dedicated to one central goal: helping Black students, faculty, and staff succeed at IU.

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WFHB Interview

In this edition of Bring It On! focuses on Black Philanthropy Month (BPM). BPM is held every August and was created in August 2011 by Dr. Jackie Bouvier Copeland and the Pan-African Women’s Philanthropy Network (PAWPNet) as an annual, global celebration of African-descent giving. Hosts Clarence Boone and Roberta Radovich discuss Black Philanthropy Month with Ms. Valaidia Fulwood, Professor Tyrone McKinley Freeman, and Mr. Tom Harmon.

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