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We invite you to consider membership in Indiana University’s Black Philanthropy Circle (BPC), where you will be part of a select group of committed individuals who not only want to effect change but also shape the future of Indiana University. Every dollar donated matters. There are three annual giving levels for those who wish to make larger contributions:

Active Member of the BPC – $15,000 over three years, with voting member status and eligibility to chair a committee;

Partner of the BPC – $2,500 to $4,999 annual commitment, welcome to attend BPC meetings, may be invited to serve on a committee

Associate of the BPC – $500 to $2,499 annual commitment.

  • Students – $25 annual commitment
  • Alumni - up to 2 years post-graduation annual graduated commitment in $100 increments ($100-$200) with year 3 participating at the $500 level.

The goal of the BPC is to improve the recruitment, retention, and support of Black students by supporting scholarships, grants, education, research, programs, and career opportunities. It is committed to improving the recruitment, representation, and support of Black faculty and staff. It helps coordinate programs and support initiatives to strengthen the engagement of Black alumni and friends of the university.

Together, we can help fulfill the promise of higher education for all students. It begins with you. Please consider making a contribution and or becoming a member.

For more information, please contact

The Indiana University Black Philanthropy Circle is about making a difference for deserving Black students, faculty, staff, and others by helping them reach their potential and achieving their dreams. Your commitment is integral in making this happen.

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